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Cables & Pulleys & People,


An Outdoor Adventure, right in the backyard of,  Rayville Missouri

    Show Me Ziplines is owned and operated by Ray County residents, Reason & Jacki Swafford and Richard & Dixie Swafford.  Reason & Jacki took inspiration from their home away from home, Branson Missouri, to bring zip-lining, to their Century Family Farm!  The family plans to tie their traditional farm in with the new Zipline park, and have registered their new business with Missouri Agri-Tourism!

     The Swafford Family contacted Robert Nickell, of Universal Zipline Technology, LLC to design and construct ShowMe Ziplines.  Nickell designed, constructed and owns Zipline USA in Branson, along with several others in the US and abroad.   Search, and see the tallest zipline in Missouri! Tell them we sent ya!

     ShowMe Ziplines are made up of several lines, ranging between 300 ft long to 2600 ft long.  The first few lines are known as the beginner lines.  They let the participants get a feel of the equipment. Deeper in the course, lines will be 120 ft off the ground, and you could reach at least 45-55 miles per hour. 

     SMZ offers boy scouts/girl scouts, camping-zipping & community service. Fundraisers, team building for children and adults. Discount pricing for youth groups, ball teams, schools etc.  The family have also, recently added school related field trips! Kids/teachers/parents can come out to the farm, enjoy hiking trails, scavenger hunts, wagon rides etc. Let's show those kiddos that their food doesn't come from a grocery store!!

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